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Who can benefit from NFT?

As the NFT market is changing rapidly, there are many opportunities for both creators and investors to benefit. NFTs can benefit creators in a variety of ways and creators in the context of NFTs consist of a wide range of people.

Who creates NFTs?

Anyone who can make a unique asset and has fans that will support and invest in them can be an NFT creator. NFT creators can be visual artists, musicians, videomakers, filmmakers, influencers, event planners, athletes, or event planners, so long as they capitalize on their creation or followings. Many creators of NFTs are artists. Visual artists such as digital artists and photographers can create visual assets that can be sold for the usage of the image. Sculptors and painters can likewise create these tokens. Musicians are also common NFT creators as they sell musical components, creating the opportunity for fans to buy a piece of music as they once did with CDs and records. This connection with fans is one of the biggest benefits for creators. But how can a platform that seems so technical foster creativity for such a wide variety of creators?

How does NFT Benefit Influencers and Celebrities?

Like influencers, successful NFTs rely on creating unique content and building a brand around that content. NFTs can help influencers build their brands through NFT influencer marketing strategies. For example, an influencer can create an NFT series collection, allowing fans to buy a limited edition asset or an exclusive membership to favorite influencer’s content. Influencers can also partner with NFT brands to promote their content or services and encourage their followers to invest in NFTs. These strategies apply additionally to celebrities who can capitalize on the desire of fans to have a unique and exclusive interaction with a celebrity. Celebrities can likewise profit off fan connections by buying NFTs and reselling them to fans. When a celebrity owns an NFT its value increases just as the value of an object in the real world increases when it comes from someone famous.

How does NFT Benefit Event Planners?

From concerts and backstage passes to gallery exhibits and exclusive showings, a key feature of event planners is getting people to want a ticket. NFTs can act as an aid for event planners by acting as a virtual ticket. As the world of NFTs is rapidly growing, NFT minting events and digital tickets can signal the event is new and exciting itself. The technology of NFT event tickets is also beneficial to planners as NFT transactions are secure and binding due to smart contracts, removing the threat of fraud and scalping from ticket sales. This exclusivity is another important benefit of NFTs for event planners. NFT tickets are a great way to sell access to a restricted or member-only event that draws people in by their desire to access what others cannot. Furthermore, event planners can create different NFT tickets allowing access to different elements of an event.

How does NFT Benefit Collectors and Followers?

NFTs have created digital communities for collectors and followers to come together. One of the benefits of these virtual communities is their ability to bring people from anywhere together based on a common interest. NFT communities have made accessible spaces for people to find their niche. For example, the fans of a less-well known artist can come together virtually buying, selling and commenting on the artist's NFT. Fans of writers can not only buy a piece of their favorite writing through NFTs but can also recreate their work, collaborating with other fans through the platform. Collection and recreation are at the heart of NFT’s, giving a new way to new spaces for followers, collectors and creators to interact.

NFTs can benefit a wide variety of creators- visual artists, celebrities, event planners, musicians and everyone in between. As the NFTs are constantly changing and new technologies are being developed the possibilities for creators is expanding rapidly leading to new forms of creativity.



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