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Create NFT with perks for your fans.

Launch your NFT project in 15 minutes. Designed for creators.

Image by Rod Long

Whitelist (VIP Access)

Give your early supporters guaranteed first access to your NFT before anyone else. It is an excellent way to reward your true followers while avoiding spam from fake wallets.

Airdrop (Free Sample)

Encourage your supporters to promote your new project before it goes live. You can give them a free NFT for completing a simple task, or you can give them a free NFT for being a member of a specific community or organization, such as a member who has subscribed to your newsletter for years.

Mystery Box

NFT mystery boxes include a random but unknown NFT or a group of NFTs with varying rarities from a specific NFT collection. It's an excellent way for you to reward your fans with unique creations and content. It provides them with excitement and pleasant surprises.

Buy One, Get One Free

Reward fans who appreciate and care about your work. When you sell your NFT, the buyer will also receive a physical copy of your work, and vice versa. You can also use this feature to verify the authenticity of the artwork.You can also use this feature to create a secure certification that verifies the authenticity of the artwork.

Pick Perks 

Prepare Idea/Art

Prepare your NFT project idea and creation, including your project vision, name, description, art images, link, music, video file, and so on.

​Update Project Info

Fill out the form to update your NFT project information, and try to include as much information as possible to attract buyers.

Choose from our list of perks and decide how you will promote your project and interact with your fans.

Launch & Share

Publish your project on the NFT marketplace or in your own online store. Share news via your social media accounts or newsletter.


Using our Dashboard, you can manage your project perk exercising and followers.

Ready to Kickstart Your Journey?

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