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Digital artwork (AI + 2D and 3D digital texture layers)


The purchased artwork will include a signed print on paper (signed on lower right of each print)


Executed in 2023. This work explores the tranquility one can experience when completely alone: making art after midnight, a lone hike by a forest stream, a day at the beach, or even walking through a busy city street. It is also a social commentary about the split lives the artists of today often lead and the daydreams we sometimes have during a break from our often non-artistic professions by day of the art we will make at night.


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  • TheDigitalCoy is a multimedia poet who integrates different mediums to tell private and intimate stories that juxtapose their traditional art practice (drawing, painting, illustration, photography, and instrumental and vocal music) and more modern digital forms of artistic expression (digital illustration and painting, graphic design, AI generative art, 3D art, and electronic music). Their work is inspired by non-fictional events, fictional stories and alternative mythologies, their lives, and their observation of the modern zeitgeist.

  • Limited Edition Print! 27'' x 18''
    Signed by artist in the corner of the print

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