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This membership card, NFT, is the culmination of my biggest year in the art world to date. With numerous shows, features, sales, residencies, collaborations, and partnerships, it is just the beginning of even more exciting artistic endeavors! I am inviting you to join me, both literally and virtually, as I begin announcing more new projects and news as we move into 2023.


With this card, you will be first in line for new offers, prints, and paintings, and first to be invited to events, openings, and in-person collaborations. New items, including stickers, clothing, and one-of-a kind pieces, will be shared with cardholders first. My guest list will connect you directly with me, my fellow collaborators, and my unique creative process. It will pull back the curtain even further to reveal my thought process, everyday inspirations, and wanderings around this world and the incredible people and surprises in it.


Being on this guest list, with a pass in hand, is your opportunity for an authentic connection with my art, my creative life, and more. Join me as I reveal the latest collaborations building community through creativity and connection.


Be sure to connect via my website,

Gregg Emery Guest List

SKU: 21554345656
  • Gregg Vance Emery is a globally recognized artist based in New York, known for his fusion of Western mystical experience with immersion in Eastern cultures. His paintings have been showcased at prestigious art events like Miami Art Basel and the first NFT Art Fair, while also gaining visibility through appearances in 'The Last O.G.' TV show and a prominent digital exhibition in Times Square.

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