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Lightness of Being

A line can be considered one of the most basic elements of art. We can imagine a line as a dot that moves from one point to another and creates a path. The line is a movement that leaves a mark and can be seen as the essential act of creation. The line and its movement can be seen as a metaphor for an individual who shapes his path through life. It can produce different forms. It can run freely without control on paper, twist and bend in other ways, or be consciously shaped.


This series presents the idea that whether the resulting shape of the line is deliberately shaped or given free rein, just like an individual's life, it is unique and interesting, and in combination with others, it creates a fantastic complex.

Lightness of Being

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  • Katerina Husar-Lazarova, originally from the Czech Republic, is an accomplished artist with a background in graphic design and art therapy. In 2018, she moved to the United States, where she completed her Associate of Arts degree at Mesa College in 2021. Katerina is now an undergraduate student majoring in studio arts at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).

    She actively participates in San Diego's art scene, including Art Walks in Little Italy, Liberty Station, and Laguna Beach. Katerina is also a valued board member of The San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild. Her work has been featured in interviews by SD Voyager magazine in 2020 and in a profile by Canvas Rebel magazine in 2022.

    Katerina's art is rooted in personal narratives and explores themes such as the female perspective on the world and the influence of societal expectations. Her work delves deep into the layers beneath everyday experiences, revealing the connections between her thought processes and life's mysteries.

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