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Digital artwork (photo composition, AI + 2D & 3D digital texture layers) 


The purchased artwork will include a print (either on paper or printed on canvas using an AI robotic arm). It will be signed (lower right of each print).

Executed from 2004 to 2023. This is one of TheDigitalCoy’s first digital works. They were introduced to Adobe products by their muse and began experimenting more with photo composition in the summer of 2004. The photos were taken during this summer of love (close up shot of their muse’s lips against the neon lights of Manhattan at dinner, a shot of Manhattan from the Staten Island Ferry, a photo of the beach at a friend’s swim race, and more). This work is an homage to that summer of love.  

TheDigitalCoy recently revisited the work and used AI technology to outpaint and enlarge the image and 3D and 2D overlays to add textural richness to the work.

Night and Day

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  • TheDigitalCoy (B. 1980)
    TheDigitalCoy is a multimedia poet who integrates different mediums to tell private and intimate stories that juxtapose their traditional art practice (drawing, painting, illustration, photography, and instrumental and vocal music) and more modern digital forms of artistic expression (digital illustration and painting, graphic design, AI generative art, 3D art, and electronic music). Their work is inspired by non-fictional events, fictional stories and alternative mythologies, their lives, and their observation of the modern zeitgeist.

  • Work created by artist and AI controlled robotic hardware. Oil on canvas.

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